The Political Analysis Outstanding Reviewer Award

The Political Analysis Outstanding Reviewer Award recognizes individuals who have provided exemplary assistance to Political Analysis during the previous year. Outstanding Reviewers are those who provide excellent, timely and productive feedback for authors who have submitted manuscripts to Political Analysis. Outstanding Reviewers are also those who frequently review for the journal, and who provide the Editors with productive advice about the submissions they review.

Recipients of the Political Analysis Outstanding Reviewer Award are recognized annually at the American Political Science Association conference, and in recognition of their service to the profession notification of award is provided by the Editors to the recipient's department chair.

Past Recipients

2022 Winner
Recipient Mollie Cohen (UGA)
Selection committee Jeff Gill (American University)
2021 Winner
Recipient Melissa Rogers (Claremont Graduate University)
Selection committee Jeff Gill (American University), Lonna R. Atkeson (University of New Mexico), D. Sunshine Hillygus (Duke), Daniel Hopkins (University of Pennsylvania), Xun Pang (Tsinghua University), and Betsy Sinclair (Washington University in St. Louis)
Year Recipient
2020 John Holbein (University of Virginia)
2018 Jay Goodliffe (Brigham Young University)
2018 Natalie Jackson (Public Religion Research Institute)
2017 Anthony Fowler (University of Chicago, Harris School)
2017 Adrienne Hosek (UC Davis)
2016 Bear Braumoeller (Ohio State)
2015 Matt Lebo (SUNY Stony Brook)
2015 Dorothy Kronick (Stanford)
2014 David Darmofal (University of South Carolina)
2014 John Freeman (University of Minnesota)
2014 Brandon Stewart (Harvard)
2013 Jake Bowers (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)