Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity Committee's mission is: a) to promote and facilitate diversity within the section, especially with regard to women and other other underrepresented groups within political methodology; b) to improve the professional visibility of women and other minorities within the political methodology field; and c) to monitor and provide oversight with respect to these goals.

  • Molly Offer-Westort (Chicago)
  • Cassy Dorff (Vanderbilt University)
  • Kirk Bansak (Berkeley)
  • Melissa Rogers (CGU, chair)
  • Clay Webb (Kansas)
  • Leah Windsor (Memphis)
  • Ted Enamorado (WashU)
  • Tara Slough (NYU)
  • Adeline Lo (Wisconsin-Madison)

Corporate Relations Committee

The corporate relations committee helps the society develop mutually beneficial relationships with various companies and other non-academic organizations. The goal of these relationships is to attract sponsorships, facilitate research collaboration, and promote intellectual exchanges.

  • Drew Linzer (Civiqs, chair)
  • Delia Bailey (YouGov)
  • Sarah Sled (Google)
  • Justin Grimmer (Stanford)
  • Kevin Munger (PSU)
  • Solomon Messing (NYU)
  • Natalie Jackson (independent consultant)
  • Kabir Khanna (CBS News)
  • Matt Denny (Meta)
  • Olivia Lau (Google)

Internationalization Committee

The internationalization committee helps the society develop and implement initiatives that further internationalize the society. The activities that foster internationalization include conferences, summer school teaching, and academic exchange programs. The committee consists of the members of the society from various regions of the world.

  • Jake Bowers (University of Illinois, chair)
  • Simon Jackman (University of Sydney)
  • Jiangnan Zhu (University of Hong Kong) 
  • Marco Steenbergen (University of Zurich) 
  • Theresa Gessler (European University Viadrina Frankfurt)
  • In Song Kim (MIT) 
  • Mark Pickup (Simon Fraser)
  • Adrián Lucardi (ITAM)

Nominations Committee

The nominations committee makes recommendations to the President for filling each of the Society’s award committees and one nomination for each elective office to be filled every two years. The Nominating Committee shall make its report to the President by May 30. The Chair of the Nominating Committee or his or her designee shall present the Committee’s slate of nominees for each elective office to the Annual Business Meeting.

  • Matt Blackwell (Harvard University, chair)
  • Jennifer Victor (George Mason University)
  • Rachel Blum (Oklahoma)
  • Paul Kellstedt (Texas A&M University)
  • Lonna Atkeson (Florida State)
  • Rob Franzese (University of Michigan)

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is an advisory board concerning publication of Political Analysis. The committee is charged with overseeing and negotiating the contract with the publisher of Political Analysis and nominating and contacting potential future editors for both publications. 

  • Sunshine Hillygus (Duke, chair)
  • Vera Troeger (Hamburg)
  • Jas Sekhon (Yale)
  • Dustin Tingley (Harvard)
  • Ingo Rohlfing (Cologne)

Long-Range Planning Committee

The Long-Range Planning Committee is charged with planning for the growth and institutionalization of the section. The committee is charged with looking 5, 10, and 20 years ahead to see how we can continue our reputation of innovating for the betterment of the section.

  • Arthur Spirling (Princeton)
  • Kevin Quinn (Michigan)
  • Jeff Lewis (UCLA)
  • Rocio Titiunik (Princeton University, chair)
  • Wendy K Tam Cho (Illinois)