PolMeth Summer Meeting

Since 1984, the Society for Political Methodology has held an annual summer conference. These conferences have been generously supported by the host institution, and by the National Science Foundation. This page contains the programs and information for each of these meetings.

Past Annual Summer Meetings

Year Conference Host Program
2024 PolMeth XLI UC Riverside View
2023 PolMeth XL Stanford University Program
2022 Polmeth XXXIX WashU NA
2021 PolMeth XXXVIII New York University View
2020 PolMeth XXXVII University of Toronto Download
2019 PolMeth XXXVI Massachusetts Institute of Technology Download
2018 PolMeth XXXV Brigham Young University Download
2017 PolMeth XXXIV University of Wisconson, Madison Download
2016 PolMeth XXXIII Rice University Download
2015 PolMeth XXXII University of Rochester Download
2014 PolMeth XXXI University of Georgia Download
2013 PolMeth XXX University of Virginia Download
2012 PolMeth XXIX UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University Download
2011 PolMeth XXVIII Princeton University Download
2010 PolMeth XXVII University of Iowa Download
2009 PolMeth XXVI Yale University Download
2008 PolMeth XXV University of Michigan Download
2007 PolMeth XXIV Pennsylvania State University Download
2006 PolMeth XXIII University of California, Davis Download
2005 PolMeth XXII Florida State University Download
2004 PolMeth XXI Stanford University Download
2003 PolMeth XX University of Minnesota Download
2002 PolMeth XIX University of Washington Download
2001 PolMeth XVIII Emory University Download
2000 PolMeth XVII University of California, Los Angeles Download
1999 PolMeth XVI Texas A&M University Download
1998 PolMeth XV University of California, San Diego Download
1997 PolMeth XIV Ohio State University Download
1996 PolMeth XIII University of Michigan Download
1995 PolMeth XII Indiana University Download
1994 PolMeth XI University of Wisconsin, Madison Download
1993 PolMeth X Florida State University Download
1992 PolMeth IX Harvard University Download
1991 PolMeth VIII Duke University Download
1990 PolMeth VII Washington University in St. Louis Download
1989 PolMeth VI University of Minnesota Download
1988 PolMeth V University of California, Los Angeles Download
1987 PolMeth IV Duke University Download
1986 PolMeth III Harvard University Download
1985 PolMeth II University of California, Berkeley Download
1984 PolMeth I University of Michigan Download