Upload to the Paper Archive

The Paper Archive is a repository for high-quality working papers relating to political methodology. Papers are free to upload and free to read. Anyone can upload a paper, pending approval from the Website Editor. 


  • Papers should be well-written, full-length articles that have not been accepted to a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Papers must be solely the work of the authors.
  • All co-authors of a paper must agree to it being uploaded.
  • The authors must have the rights to the work or have permission to upload it.

Uploading papers

  • Upload with this form
  • You can upload a paper as a PDF or submit a link to your own website where you have already uploaded the paper.
  • If you submit a link, you must not substantially alter the content and you must continue to adhere to the guidelines.


If you have any questions or would like to change or remove a paper, contact the Website Editor, Nathaniel Flemming, at help@polmeth.org.